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HOUSE OF WORDS is a translation and interpretation

boutique company headquartered in SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL.

We are specialized in English<>Portuguese Brazilian and

have a team of partners in other language pairs to serve

our clients in all assignments throughout Brazil.

Scroll down to learn more about our services.

Denise Bobadilha is an interpreter, translator, and journalist who worked for more than 20 years as a reporter and editor of newspapers, magazines, websites, and corporate communications vehicles. She holds an Alumni's full diploma in Translation and Interpretation Training Course (São Paulo) and a Versão Brasileira's Basic Training in Conference Interpreting (Curitiba), and Alumni's Interpretation in Medical Scenarios (Alumni) certificate. She is also a speaker and a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), Abrates, and Sintra. She is passionate about parenting, music, literature, and problem-solving. 

Natalie Graue is an interpreter and translator with a background of more than ten years in Event Planning. Her experience in event management plays a major role when providing translation services, helping to make the event run smoothly from beginning to end. She studied at Associação Alumni in São Paulo, a Translation and Interpretation course approved by the US Embassy and regarded as the best translation and interpretation school by APIC, the Brazilian conference interpreters' association. Natalie loves to travel, is constantly amazed by technology and has a passion for yoga.

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In simultaneous interpretation or translation, a pair of interpreters translates in real time the speech, lesson, lecture, etc.  It requires a set of equipment such as a booth and receptors for the audience - or a portable set.




The interpreter takes notes and uses techniques to hold the speech and delivers its translations a few minutes after the speaker. It is widely used in business meetings. No equipment is required.


The interpreter accompanies the client in negotiations, technical visits, meetings, etc., translating the content conversation to the

two - or more - sides of a conversation back and forth.


Translations to and from Portuguese, English, German and Spanish of Marketing, Pharmacy, Agribusiness, Livestock, Medicine, Tourism, Journalism, Business, Public Relations, Environment, Public Policies, Entrepreneurship, Religion, Literature, Pedagogy, and Engineering texts, among others areas.

The right set of subtitles can make the difference to communicate an idea effectively. Subtitling of institutional videos, documentaries and TV programs. Audio and video transcription in English and Portuguese.

Transcreation is the term used for a translation that adapts the original text to the local culture, including slang and regional expressions when necessary. It is used extensively in advertising, media, and global business applications and websites.


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